My First Patient Experience with Fast

This past March, I began volunteering with the Red Cross First Aid Service Team, or FAST for short. This is a team of individuals, both in and out of the medical field, who train to provide basic first aid to individuals at large events around Columbus. I received a certification in First Aid with BLS and Administration of Emergency Oxygen. FAST has become a home to me because everyone has been so welcoming and always willing to teach me new skills.

I was really excited to start this volunteer work because it would give me the opportunity to develop basic skills to working with patients. I was able to get my first experience of this nature on my third event, at the Ohio State Event. This event was quite full with about 60,000 people in attendance, so it was a pretty busy day. At halftime, a dad carried his child into the first aid room and claimed that she had fallen and possibly hit her head, and she was acting different. The mood in the room instantly shifted from a fun, relaxed zone to serious business once there was a suspected head injury. Along with the FAST responders, EMS is on scene if needed. My team member did an initial evaluation of the patient while I worked to comfort the dad and get the paperwork filled out with him. We decided at the end of the visit, that we should probably send the patient to the hospital for further treatment because of the severity of head injuries. This experience was very valuable to me, and showed that I can help even when my job is to get the paperwork filled out and comfort the family. After this experience, I have been even more motivated to get into the hospital work setting.

Artifact- FAST

This past March, I received my First Aid with BLS and Administration of Emergency Oxygen certification. I am working with the Red Cross as a part of the First Aid Service Team. This program has helped me to advance my career and begin to gain patient service skills. I have found more than a volunteer opportunity with this program, I have found a second family to whom I can reach out to for advice at any time.

Service at Wesley Glenn

The Biological Sciences Scholars Program organizes game night at Wesley Glenn once a month. Wesley Glenn is a nursing home north of campus, and we interact with the residents and play bingo. I have consistently gone to the Game Night throughout the year and actually developed relationships with some of the residents. The one resident in particular that I often think back to is gentleman named Keith. Keith is a retired pastor of the UMC and reminded me a lot of my own grandfather. Most of the residents prefer to play bingo, but Keith wanted to play cards. So my best friend, Haley, and I played a game he taught us called “OH”. Talking and playing with him was so much fun, learning about his experiences and getting to share our own. Service is more than the act of serving, it is about building these relationships with those that you serve.
After the event was over and the residents had left, the nursing home staff came up to us to thank us and tell us that Keith has not been that social since he broke his hip last year. Thinking about the impact we can have on others has motivated me to think about every interaction with people, and how I can make a difference.

Global Awareness

This semester in Italian 5101, we discussed Intercultural Competency. This discussion furthered my interest in studying language and studying other cultures. Before taking this course, my interest was solely in learning the language. I thought that learning the language was enough, but have since realized the cultural is a vital part of the language. Without understanding the culture, it is impossible to truly communicate with people across the world. Learning a language also throws people into a situation of cultural humility. I think that this humility is a great experience for everyone to go through to teach people to more understanding of non-native speakers.

I have decided to continue with Italian as my secondary language for my Romance Studies degree after this course. This decision was strongly rooted in the relationship I developed with my professor and the true passion for teaching that I have seen in every person in the Italian department. I hope to study abroad in France next summer and would then like to teach the language to young students.

Freshman Year in Review

Today marked the end of my freshman year of college. It was certainly not a walk in the park, but the challenges that I have faced have improved me as both a student and a person. My first semester was relatively light, and the adjustments that I made were more of a social adjustment. The second semester was very much an academic adjustment for me. My course load was much heavier and more challenging, and I really had to learn how to study more efficiently. The biggest thing that I learned over the past year has been time-management skills. I had to learn to prioritize and compartmentalize. Chemistry 1220 and Italian 5101 both required a lot of time and dedication to studying, but the feeling of accomplishment I have now was well worth the struggle.

Saying goodbye to my best friends over the past two days has been very difficult for me. I did not realize how close I have gotten to these people, the friendships that I have built have are forever bonds. It is so surreal to me that my freshman is over and I am moving onto my sophomore year of college next year. I am really excited to continue to grow throughout the next couple of years, and I can not wait to see what the next years have in store for me.

Bio-Sci Scholars Event

As a Bio-Sci Scholar, I have been given the opportunity to meet many different people with similar interests. On September 15th, I was able to attend the scholars tailgate  before going to the football game. This event allowed me to spend time with not only fellow Bio-Sci Scholars, but also to mingle with other scholars that live on north campus. As a scholar, I have gained a lot of communication skills and learned how to socialize with new people. Bio-Sci and my fellow scholars have brought me out of my comfort zone and forced me into new situations.

Welcome to my Honors & Scholars e-Portfolio

Welcome! This portfolio is meant to serve as a snapshot of my academic and community life. Within one can find reflections on several of my experiences, including service projects and organizations that I have been involved in and shaped me into the person that I am today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email at

Semester in Review

Throughout this semester I have gained several valuable skills that I will be able to use throughout the rest of my life. College thus far has certainly been an adjustment period, with me doing essentially everything on my own after leaving my family. However, as time as progressed, I have fallen into a new routine and am able to get everything done effectively and efficiently. A big part of this transition has been getting used to living the people around me, which has taught me detrimental communication skills because I have been forced into discussing with new people quite often. For the remainder of the year, I hope to continue to improve upon my time management and communication skills the most.


While all of these aspects are essential to creating a well-rounded student, two in particular speak to me. Global Awareness and Service Engagement are two aspects that I believe are often overlooked. I, however, hold both of these subjects close to my heart. In order for us to be the most productive members of society we must constantly work to understand one another and help those who are in need.

  • Global Awareness: I have began my track to becoming more globally aware by pursuing a double major in Romance Studies. Romance Studies is the study of language and culture of the romance languages. With this major I intend to become fluent in French and be able to communicate at the basic level in Spanish and Italian. During my junior year, I aspire to study abroad in France and truly begin to learn French and European culture. This is only a start to becoming globally aware, and the journey to global awareness is one that does not come to an end.
  • Original Inquiry: To me, original inquiry means getting involved in scientific research as soon and as often as possible. This research is the basis of the world’s understanding of things such as medicine and environmental conservation. I aspire to get involved in research during the upcoming semester.
  • Academic Enrichment: While grades and course rigour are important aspects of academic enrichment, they are certainly not the only things that matter. A big, often overlooked aspect of academic enrichment is getting involved in some club or a line of work that compliments your learning.
  • Leadership Development: Being a leader is not as simple as getting elected to a leadership board in one of your clubs. Leadership is hard work and a character trait that must often be worked on by pushing ones own boundaries and learning about others work.
  • Service Engagement: I am dedicated to serving the community in any and all aspects of my life. Service is not just about going on week long mission trips or even just going to the food bank for a couple of hours. Service can be as simple as spreading kindness or picking up a piece of trash that you pass and taking it to the nearest trash can. I am involved in Doctors Without Borders Undergraduate Chapter and through this organization, I am able to volunteer with local clinics and hopefully, volunteer abroad in the future. I am also involved in OSU Pen PALS, in which I write letters to elementary school students in Columbus City Schools. I can tell them what college is like and encourage them to pursue higher education and keep them on a good path.

Research Interest

I am a molecular genetics major on the premed track. My ultimate career goal is to receive my MD/PhD. I would like to work with children as a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon. The research I am mostly interested in, involves developmental genetics.