2017 Hocking Hills Farmer’s Market

I was absolutely sick to my stomach when I woke up, started reading the paper and saw that the Hocking Hills Dining Lodge had burned down.   The lodge provided jobs for many people as well as a place for local artists to showcase their art.  It was also the location of the Hocking Hills Farmer’s Market last year.  It was their first year in that location and the word was getting out.  Now they have to start over.

The good news is that they have a great new location for 2017 at the Hocking Hills Winery.

The market is still looking for produce vendors!!!   Think about that if you are looking to make some money as the market is an excellent small business incubator to showcase product with minor overhead costs.

Market Rules and Regulations —>  HOCKING HILLS FARMERS MARKET INFO-usj0tq

Vendor Application —>  2017 HOCKING HILLS FARMERS MARKET APPLICATION-25q2w80

I wish them luck and will help market the market.  Opening day is May 27th.

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