Early September garden update

A few interesting things to note as the gardening season winds down.  My community garden is open until November 1st and I will most likely still be harvesting at least a few things until the end of the season such as parsley and leeks.

Speaking of Leeks…….early-sept4

I know right?   Would you like to Know How to Grow Leeks?


I am starting to get some peppers.  Mostly chili-types like banana peppers.



I have not gotten a single bell pepper this year and barely have gotten any the last three years.  The bell pepper plants have decent size but the leaves are a little curled and brown at the tips and the flowers fall off without being pollinated.  I need to spend some time to figure out what the  heck is going on before I waste any more time growing bell peppers.


My Sorghum X Sudangrass is coming back with a  vengeance.  That is its nature and one of the reasons why I chose it for my garden.  When it is cut it doubles down on growth.  It is now back up to near 6 feet tall.  I might have to mow again!  I need some cattle I think.




Do not give up on your garden just yet.  We are supposed to get relief from the heat with some rain.  Plenty of time left before first frost date and most vegetables like fall weather just fine.  I am hoping for a late tomato harvest if the plants set flowers.  I will be harvesting herbs, peppers, eggplant, leeks, butternuts and tomatoes for hopefully another 4-6 weeks.

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