The Urban Farm at Southeast Ohio Regional Kitchen – Phase I

So last week Sam and I went to Webb’s Perennials to pick up a donation of perennial herbs.  We picked up rosemary, thyme, sage, and oregano to plant in the bed that we had prepared earlier and amended with compost.   We spaced out the herbs to allow growth and spread and planted through landscape fabric to hold the weeds down for a little while after adding a slow release organic fertilizer to get them a good head start before winter.


photo credit: Sam G.



Next step was taking my truck to Athens-Hocking Recycling Center to pick up some mulch to cover the newly planted herbs.  Then spreading the mulch out over the bed and watering in the plants.





Looks pretty good.  The herbs will all spread out and cover the bed within the next two years or so.  They are ready for a light harvest right now but will be best left alone to get ready for next years season.

herb bed2



We have already started into Phase II planning with some initial site preparation.  The plan is to get six raised beds in before winter so they can be filled with soil/compost and planted with cover crops.


cropped american gothic

Hocking Gothic photo credit: Sam G.


Sam and I want to send a huge THANKS!! to our newest project sponsor.

  • Athens-Hocking Recycling Center




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