What a Waste service grant project at Southeast Ohio Regional Kitchen

I really enjoy when I get to help with projects that will have many positive impacts in our county.  Especially when they involve things that I like to do where I also get to share my knowledge.   What a Waste is a program by NFESH, The National Foundation to End Senior Hunger, with sponsorship from the Walmart Foundation that aims to combat the problems of food waste and senior hunger.  Food waste is collected at the Scenic Hills Senior Center,  delivered to the Athens-Hocking Recycling Center where it is made into compost.  The project uses composting and gardening to utilize waste by turning it into food.  What is not to like with that?

As for me,  my part was minimal.  A little planting help, the use of my truck to get mulch, some transplants and some shared knowledge.  This post is to acknowledge the good works of others.

Some pictures to enjoy of the event:


The raised beds in the pictures were built by Sam and Brad at the Food Bank.  They are accessible so you can garden if you are in a wheelchair or if it is difficult to get down to ground level.  It will make it easier for more people to enjoy gardening.



pic credit: Sam G.

A big thank you to:

  • The National Foundation to End Senior Hunger
  • Walmart Foundation
  • Southeast Ohio Regional Food Bank
  • Lowes, Athens
  • Athens-Hocking Recycling Centers
  • Whites Mill, Athens
  • Scenic Hills Senior Center
  • Logan Public Transit
  • Ohio State Extension, Hocking Co.






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