Mid August Garden Updates

Lots of gardens going on in my life right now.  Thought I would give a heads up on what is happening in them.


First off is the Children’s Educational Garden here at the fairgrounds:

It has been doing well.  The kids were able to cook and taste green beans, peas, leeks, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes and parsley.  Their programming is over for the summer as it is back-to-school time here soon.    Feel free to head to the garden and help yourself to the vegetables that are there.  They are meant to be shared.  If you have no garden at your house you can still get fresh tomatoes here.   Pretty soon I will be planting the fall lettuce, spinach and radishes.



Next up is the Container Garden at Hocking Valley Community Hospital:

We are finally getting some rain which means I do not have to water as much and for that I am grateful.  The vegetables in the containers are doing great and I am looking forward to the upcoming Container Gardening Class at HCVH on Wednesday September 7th at 6pm.

I planted some different beet varieties in one pot and a mix of carrots and green onions in another one.  They should mature nicely for the upcoming HVCH 50th Anniversary.


The last update is my home garden, specifically the Sorghum X Sudangrass cover crop I planted in the spring.  I mowed it to 2 feet tall and then watched it basically sit there and wondered if I did it wrong, but it is coming back and with all that rain I expect it to get back to giant sized in no time.


cover 2 3


Keep working in your garden.  We are now heading into a good growing season.  Most fall stuff can tolerate a little cold and it even will improve their flavor.  Monitor water and consider putting in some fertilizer for any crops that have been growing all season.

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