Time to start seeds for fall vegetables

The ten day forecast looks like the heat wave might just come to a close.  None too soon.   I get asked fairly often “when do I sow seeds outdoors for fall lettuce and spinach?”  The time is getting close.  What I do to get a start on the growing of the greens, but yet maximize my heat protection is to start the seeds indoors.

First things first.  What to grow.  I am looking for a variety of plants and you all know how much I love seed mixes.

fall seed2

That is five types of Asian greens,  five types of mesclun and Four Season Marvel, a favorite lettuce variety of mine.  I got my flats of soilless mix ready to go.  I am planting a bunch because I need to put some transplants in my home garden,  the container garden at Hocking Valley Community Hospital as well a put a few in here at the educational garden at the fairgrounds.

Four flats of soilless mix,  firm seedbeds ready to go:

fall seed1

I sow thick.  I will thin later to the best 8-10 seedlings.  I can pick variety better this way as well:

fall seed3

Water the plants and then get them 2-3″ from the light:

fall seed4fall seed5


If you want to sow seed outside feel free to do that.  My garden has such tough clay that seeds have a tough go of it until it cools way down.  You can sow seed now and then do a second sowing in about 2 to 3 weeks to give you a longer harvest.  The fall is the best time to grow greens like these as the nights are cool,  the rains are a little better and the bugs are simmering down.  Make sure to give a fall harvest a chance.

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