How to grow Leeks, part 5.

For a recap of the prior posts from square one:

The last couple few weeks I have been slowly pulling soil up from the sides of the trenches that I planted the leeks in.  Remember, the best part of the leek is the white part that becomes blanched to that color by avoiding sunlight.

Once the soil is level I deeply mulch the plant.  I had mostly hay with some straw laying around.  This does a good job of blanching the leek as well as keeping the soil moist and suppressing weeds.



Leeks have a long growing season.  It is important that you water them if you do not receive an inch of water per week.  This will allow for a continuous amount of growth until harvest.  I put a balanced slow release granular fertilizer in the planting hole originally but due to the long growing season the leeks will need at least one more, if not two,  rounds of fertilizer.  Due to the deep mulch I will use a water soluble fertilizer sometime in early summer and then maybe once more in late summer.  The mulch will help with weeds, but keep an eye out for any trouble.

Want to learn more about what fertilizers to use.  You need to attend the Free class on Tuesday June 14th at 7pm at the Youth Center.

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