Earth Day!

At the fairgrounds, right after you enter the grounds on the left is a series of raised beds, a compost bin and a water catchment barrel.  This is the location of the Demonstration Garden that was developed by the Hocking Soil and Water Conservation district to teach local students about growing, composting, organic matter and soil health.  This past friday a couple hundred Logan-Hocking 6th graders arrived on a beautiful sunny day to celebrate Earth Day with a varied program involving stations about many topics.   (Sorry no kid pics, not allowed)

I manned Station 2 – Vegetables


The garden is full bore in spring vegetable gardening mode

L. Early March,  transplants from Four Seasons Garden Club program

R. Yowza!

L. Cover crop station – winter rye, vetch and red clover planted in fall to enrich the soil

M. Raised beds along the fence for trellis planting – planted Sugar Snap Peas on friday

R. New spring transplants (leeks/cabbage) ready to go into the ground


All in all, a great day.  I hope the kids had fun and learned a bunch.  One benefit I enjoyed was a harvest.  There were several heads of lettuce, some mustard and some radishes that were at the peak of their growth.


Feel free to take a look at the Demonstration Garden when you visit the fairgrounds.  As I told the students, please use your manners and consideration, the plots are used for teaching and the food is meant to be eaten.

2 thoughts on “Earth Day!

  1. I’m a Pickaway Co. MGV, and I like your Children’s Garden. It looks great.
    Keep up the good work.
    Peggy Riley

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