Brood V Cicadas 2016.

Cue the music from Jaws.   The 17 year Brood V Cicadas are due for emergence in the next few weeks and Hocking County is smack in the middle of the target area.  I have been getting a few questions about them so here is a very nice video courtesy of the folks at Plain Dealer. Get your earplugs ready for a fun spring!


Let me know when you start to see emergence.  When temps at 8″ deep in the soil hit the mid-sixties for four days in a row watch out!  All heck is going to break loose to the tune of 1.5 million Cicadas per acre.  This is a once every 17 year event, it is time to party like its 1999!

The Bugdoc at OSU has a publicaton you can print on Periodical Cicada Control Tactics


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