Sugar Snap Peas

I was coming home from work on March 24th and drove past Wallace Community Garden, the park where I do my vegetable gardening.  I have deep shade under Walnuts in my backyard so I garden at Wallace.  To my surprise I noticed that they had plowed and then tilled it.  This is a bit early normally for this in my little town, but the weather was right for it and the ground was perfect for it.


I was leaving town for a week of college visits, but had enough time to get my Sugar Snaps in the ground the morning of the 25th.


Sugar Snap peas are a family favorite.  They do not seem to be effected by much in the way of disease or parasite and fix their own nitrogen so you don’t have to add any extra to the soil.  They are cold hardy especially when young.

When I got back from the trip I went to the garden to check progress and they were starting to peek out of the soil.


That means I need to get a fence up around them quick.  The only critters with a passion for peas similar to me are bunnies and deer. The fence and the trellis are both getting long in the tooth and I will contemplate replacing them after this season, but they have at least another year in both of them.


Tonight we expect a hard freeze.  Pea shoots are pretty tough, but I decided to put a light mulch of leaves over top of them that will protect them for tonight and that I can pull back tomorrow when it warms up.

It is not too late to plant Sugar Snaps.  They are dynamite fresh and freeze easily as well.  The whole pod is edible and they are a good source of protein, fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Vitamin K.  They like full sun and need at least a 5 foot trellis minimum.


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