Midwest Veterinary Conference

As the home of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, it is only natural that Columbus would host a continuing education conference.  As a Veterinarian I am required to attend 30 hours of CE to keep my license current.   The Midwest Veterinary Conference is the third largest Vet CE conference in the USA and one of the best in the world.  Normally I would track medical and surgical updates in the puppies and kitties but this year I attended different classes to better serve Hocking County residents.

I learned about Sheep and Goats


Spent a bunch of time learning abou the care of backyard poultry including diseases, nutrition and basic husbandry.  Look for some backyard poultry programming in the future.  I am helping on an Extension project called the POULTRY TEAM.  It will be a valuable resource for Educators, Vets and backyard poultry enthusiasts.


I also volunteered to talk to Veterinary students.  I tracked Mixed Animal practice back in the day and was able to tell them how my Veterinary degree will better allow me to serve Hocking County residents as well as how Extension works.


The knowledge I gained this past weekend will be a help in the county.  If you have any questions about Beef production, Small Ruminats, or backyard poultry feel free to contact me here at Extension and I will help.

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