My day with the Four Seasons Garden Club

I was priviledged to be invited to speak to the Four Seasons Garden Club of Hocking County at the Hocking Hills Winery a couple weeks ago.  This extremely fun group asked if I could present on seed starting and as that is one of my favorite topics I was good to go.

First a couple things about the winery.  It is beautiful, has a great location and is a fully functional grow-grapes-press-grapes-make-wine winery.  I was able to finagle a tour of the facility before the meeting started.




We ate pizza and cookies but alas, no wine for me, I was on duy.  I enjoyed my day presenting and let them know I will come speak to them any time they wish me to.  That is what we do at Extension after all. We started with the basics of seed starting and progressed through germination, thinning and transplanting.  If this sounds like something you want to learn about, I will be hosting a free class on “Seed Starting 101”  on April 12th at 7pm at the Youth Center at the fairgrounds.

gardenclub3Thanks again to the Four Seasons Garden Club and Happy Gardening!

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