900 Apple Varieties

Derek Mills is a pretty interesting guy.   Grower, naturalist, small business owner are among a few of the hats he wears at any given time.  He invited me to his place to show me what he is growing and so we could discuss some programs we want to partner on starting in 2016.   On his orchard in Hocking County he is growing heirloom apple varieties with a focus on the red fleshed type.  He made my jaw drop to the floor when he mentioned he currently is growing about 900 different varieties of apples.

I cannot really wrap my head around that.  Johnny Appleseed has nothing on him.


Mills 1

Look for Derek to partner with Extension on programs related to pruning and grafting next year.

Mills 2To learn more about red-fleshed apples check out his website HERE







I am looking forward to learning from Derek about grafting.  I have always wanted to have a tree that grows several different varieties all at once in my yard.  Watch the blog in spring to find out when we will hold the workshop.  Look to purchase some apples from Derek at next years Farmer’s Market at the Hocking Hills Dining Lodge.

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