Creating a Wildflower garden

A local resident, Bill Bussel, contacted me recently about starting conversion of some of his extensive backyard lawn into a wildflower garden.  A wildflower garden is important as a means of providing habitat for pollenators, birds, butterflies, as well as improving the general biodiversity.  A bonus is that it will be less for Bill to mow.

bussel1Here is the before picture. Note the vegetable garden as well as forest. Both of these will contribute as well as benefit from the wildflowers.

The first step in any planting project will be amending the soil prior to planting.  This holds true regardless of this being for a lawn, garden, specialty crop or wildflower patch.

The sod will be removed and organic matter will be added with a target for spring planting.

Pollenator habitat seed packets can be found here

It will be fun to follow this project.  If you have a project in mind and would like help from OSU extension feel free to contact me


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