A walk in the woods

Local resident Cheryl Todd called me recently because she had some questions about some of the trees on her 1+ acre of paradise here in Hocking county.  I brought along Rob Meyer, HSWCD forestry technician, a guy who knows his trees, and on a beautiful fall day we headed north on 664 in my truck.

From L to R:

Pic 1: Emerald Ash Borer damage on an Ash tree.  A major problem in Ohio, present in all 88 counties. You can see the characteristic lesion present in the bark when the larval form of the borer emerges after feeding.

Pic 2: Canker on a red Maple tree.  This tree had multiple lesions, but the top looked great and it was fully leafed out.

Pic 3. Elm tree.  Elms are not long lived trees.  This one had a stark beauty with no bark present among the rest of the forest. It died naturally for its species.

The forest around Cheryl’s house had tremendous diversity with cherry, oak, maple, hickory, ash, elm, walnut, sycamore and poplar trees noted.  No major unexpected problems were detected.  If you have any tree questions let us know.   Thanks for letting us take a look around.

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