Bremen Farmer’s Produce Auction

I spent the afternoon near Bremen to get a feel for what the produce auction near Bremen has to offer.  If you have not been or heard of it, it is an outlet for growers, mostly local Amish to sell home grown produce, baked goods, decorative items and flowers in an auction setting.  It serves larger buyers of huge lots down to single folks who want a peck of green beans.  I had a blast.  Even with the season winding down the variety was totally worth the trip and I filled my truck with fresh veggies.  It is easy to get caught up in the bidding.  Here is a sample of the smaller lots of produce:bremen produce 1 bremen produce 2

While this auction is not located in Hocking County, its location is close enough that it would be a powerful resource for a person, family or groups to get great deals on fresh homegrown produce to feed or to preserve.  I will be back.  Look for me to bid heavily around strawberry season.  Thanks to Carla Johnson for showing me around.

Note: They only take cash, make sure you keep track of your tally.


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