Year in Review

This year has been monumental for me. I have been accepted into my major, and also chose my minor. I have found my passion for sustainability and the environment. I have grown so much from last year because I have began to get involved in several organizations around campus. This year I also started my job and started volunteering, 2 things I thought I did not have time to do last year. I began pledging a business fraternity, something I would not have had the confidence to do last year. It was amazing to see how much I have grown from last year, and I cannot wait to see how much I will improve by next year.


Activities that I have been involved with in the past, activities I am currently involved with and activities I plan to pursue, fit in the the Honors and Scholars G.O.A.L.S. They are as follows:

Global Awareness:

This past May I traveled to India as part of the International Affairs Scholars study abroad trip. This was an eye-opening experience for me that I was lucky enough to experience with my fellow International Affairs scholars. Even though we learned about India during the semester, I learned infinitely more things about India by being able to experience it firsthand. Through this trip I was able to develop an appreciation for diversity and uniqueness between cultures.

Original Inquiry:

Through an organization I am involved with, Net Impact, I am on a project board to install piezoelectric tiles on campus. Developing this project has required research on the tiles and the impact they will have on campus. I have also learned a lot about other forms of green energy through the process.

Academic Enrichment:

Through another organization that I am involved in, Risk Management Association, it is our purpose to inform students on the importance of risk. I have learned from professionals who are currently in the field speak about how risk affects their every day life. What I have learned from being apart of this association I could not get out of my coursework just yet.

Leadership Development:

As far as leadership development goes, I am the treasurer for the Risk Management Association. Participating on an executive board has giving me the experience of the difficulties and the rewards of leading an organization.

Service Engagement:

Currently I am attending events as a social coach for the TOPS program. The TOPS program is a program to help transition students with developmental or intellectual disabilities transition into post-secondary life. Next semester I plan to be a tutor for the TOPS program where I will be tutoring for 3 hours every week.


Fisher College of Business, Columbus, OH
Classroom Support Technician
• Maintain technology in learning environments and assist professors with technological problems
• Solve errors that may occur with Extron and Crestron Control Operations

Avon Aquatics Center, Avon, OH
Pool Technician
• Sustained a high standard of cleanliness to guarantee patron satisfaction and safety

Westlake Recreation
Slide Attendant and Assistant Swim Instructor
• Facilitated regulation in the water slide and kiddie pool area to ensure patron safety
• Instructed children in water safety in accordance with the American Red Cross guidelines

Net Impact, Columbus, OH
Active Member
• Work to make OSU’s campus more environmentally and socially sustainable through different projects
• Collaborate with project team working to install piezoelectric tiles on campus

Undergraduate Business Women’s Association, Columbus, OH
Active Member
• Provide resources and opportunities to help women in business succeed
• Volunteer in the Columbus area to make a meaningful impact on the community

Risk Management Association, Columbus, OH
Executive Board, Treasurer (Present)
• Keep records of club finances and advise the club on how to efficiently use funds

TOPS Disability Studies Internship, Columbus, OH
Intern, In-Class Peer Mentor
• Facilitate learning for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities within a Personal Adjustment and Independent Living class

Fresh Air Camp, Strongsville, OH
Non-Medical Partner
• Encouraged tracheostomy dependent children to participate in enjoyable and accessible activities

Youth Challenge, Westlake, OH
• Worked with physically disabled children to assist them in participating in adapted sports and recreational activities

The Risk Institute Annual Conference, Columbus, OH October 2015
• Brings together academics and practitioners from across disciplines and industries seeking to influence the adoption of leading risk management practices

Forté College to Business Leadership Conference, Pittsburgh, PA November 2015
• One of 100 undergraduate women selected from across the U.S., conference focused on leadership development and diversity in business



Last April, I went on the IA scholar trip to Toronto, Canada. On the trip we stayed in Toronto for three days, exploring all that Toronto has to offer. This trip was such a great experience for me because it was the first time I explored an entirely different city without my family. This gave me the freedom to see what I wanted to see within the city, and it was even better because I was able to bond with other IA scholars. I was surprised to see all the diversity in Toronto, but underwhelmed with the lack of differences of the US from Canada. I decided to go on the Toronto trip on a whim, and I am so glad I did!


Last May, I attended the may-smester study abroad to India with IA scholars. My whole trip to India was amazing, and this picture captures the excitement that me and fellow IA scholar Brandon Hofacker were feeling in the moment. Seeing the Taj Mahal was absolutely breathtaking, one of the many breathtaking moments I experienced on the trip. I am so grateful that I was able to study abroad in India so I chose this picture as one of my artifacts.

forte conference

This November I attended the Forte Women to Business conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At this conference I spoke with many other aspiring young business women and business men and women already in the field. This experience helped me learn about business in the real world. We participated in a marketplace simulation where me and my team ( in picture) had to strategize to lead our business to success. Our team had a mentor, next to me on the right, who works at PNC and was incredibly helpful throughout the process.


This year I participated in Buckeyethon for the first time! I heard all the hype about it last year, and this year I had to try it out to see what it is all about. The entire day was filled with activities, there was never any down time. The best part of the whole day was playing with the kids who are affected by pediatric cancer firsthand. It was so heartbreaking to see these little kids who have been fallen victim to this terrible disease, but it was great be apart of an event that raises money for the families to make everything a little easier.


This past summer I volunteered at a week long camp called Fresh Air Camp. This camp is for kids who are tracheostomy dependent, and as a volunteer we do various activities with the campers. Not only do the kids at the camp have a ton of fun the whole week but so do I! The camper in the photo has been my camper for the past 2 years, her name is Gracie and she is a blast to be with for the whole week.


This semester I began volunteering with the TOPS program. For 3 hours a week I act as an in-class mentor for the program. The TOPS program is secondary education transitional program for students with intellectual program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Volunteering with this program has been my most favorite endeavor so far this semester!

About Me

My name is Hannah McCarthy and I am second-year here at Ohio State. I am majoring in Finance with the intent to minor in EEDS (Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability). I enjoy being outside, hanging out with friends, going for runs and taking naps. I chose to be in the International Affairs program when I applied to OSU because I am interested in learning about global topics, and I find other cultures fascinating. Last May, I got the chance to experience a completely different culture firsthand on the trip to India with IA. I am so lucky to have been given the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel there. I learned so much about many different aspects of their culture, and noted the similarities between the culture I am used to and theirs.

I have a passion for sustainability and I deeply care about the environment so my goal for the future is to work with businesses to help them save money while also becoming sustainable. Usually the business world and sustainability do not mesh that well so I hope to help create a world where these two aspects come hand in hand. Right now my goal is to find a finance internship for the summer where I can get real world experience in the business world.

senior pic 3