Standard MBSC Order Instructions

1.       Begin your transaction by selecting New from the eRequest Home page.  https://erequest.osu.edu

2.      Select Internal Supplier from the options listed in the Purchasing/Payment option section of eRequest.

3.      Enter “Molecular Biology Supply Center “in the Internal Vendor field. You may also search by clicking on the blue “View All” link to select from the drop down list of all internal suppliers.

4.      Enter a separate line for each item on your order. Each product description must include the supplier name, item number and item description. The unit of measure, quantity and estimated price for each item are also required fields.

5.      Click the “Add Another Item” to add new lines to your eRequest.

6.      Enter your office or laboratory location in the ship to field and any additional information (time of delivery, special promo code, etc.) if necessary.

7.      Enter the business purpose of the purchase and the department contact name and phone number in the Business Purpose section.

8.     The organization number for your department will default in for you as shown in the example below. Click on the “Enter Chartfields” button to provide additional funding information, if known.

Pipette Service Order Instructions

For pipette calibration/repair, please do the following.

1.       Fill out an internal e-request according to our protocol shown above with the respective calibration service in the description line.

2.      Attach the MBSC TekPette Work Order Form with all the boxes filled in to accurately describe your order. (Please email us for a copy of the TekPette Work Order Form).

3.      Include preferences for repairs and whether you plan to drop your pipettes off at the MBSC or have the technician make an appointment to work in your lab for best results.

SC-CAL-1=single channel pipette

MC-CAL-1=multi channel pipette


Primer Order Instructions – Operon

To order primers, please do the following.

1.       Fill out an internal e-request according to our protocol shown above with “Operon Primer Order” in the description line, quantity = 1, and a single estimate for your entire primer order.

2.      Attach your primer order form that we will provide by emailing us at MBSC@OSU.EDU, with your sequences added (The form should have your primer sequence or pipette service instructions included). 

Primer Order Instructions – Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

How to Create a MBSC IDT Portal account (for first-time portal ordering):

  • Go to https://www.idtdna.com/osu-mbsc
  • Click “Set Up New Account” to create an account.
  • Enter a Login name, password, and other requested information.
  • Click “Save” to complete the account setup process.
  • Then you’ll be logged into your new account, and taken to the Ordering Menu page to begin placing your order.

It is up to each lab to decide if they wish to create one account for the entire lab or one account for each person.

Using your IDT Account to order online:

Just log on to IDT at https://www.idtdna.com/osu-mbsc  using your new log in and create your order. Be sure to save the price and any web or confirmation number if provided so you can use it on your erequest.

Create an Erequest to match your primer order:

Once an IDT primer order has been placed online, it will be stay on hold until the MBSC receives an erequest for the order (https://u.osu.edu/mbsc/ordering-instructions ). On this erequest, an entire primer order can be described on a single line as

  • Description=”IDT primers” and a confirmation or web ID number if available,
  • Quantity=1, and
  • Estimated Amount=price provided by IDT website on checkout.

Once your erequest has been dispatched to the MBSC, we will approve your online primers and they will drop into production. Once finished, they will be shipped to the MBSC and a pick-up Notification will be sent to the email address listed on the erequest.

If you place a primer order online and change your mind, please let us know and we will cancel it. For your protection, any online primer order without a matching erequest will be placed on hold.   This way any accidental, unwanted, or duplicate orders will not be charged to your lab.

Shipping is free for all IDT custom orders placed this way.

Only IDT custom orders can be placed through the MBSC.

If you have problems online or have any questions, please call or email the MBSC.