Educational Video: Women and Alcohol

The above video depicts seven women who suffer from alcoholism. It explores the lives of these women and how alcohol has impacted their health and well-being. All seven women discuss their reasons for drinking including wanting to fit in, wanting to be liked, and simply citing “loved how it made me feel”. The women also discuss how their drinking started as social, moved to problem drinking, and resulted in addiction. Some of the women suffered from health problems such as hepatitis and ulcers, while the other women faced consequences such as blackouts and arrests. Overall, the video brings a positive message that with proper treatment, a woman can recover, remain sober, and regain her self-worth.


This video helps me to better understand the topic concerning women and addiction. Listening to lectures and reading scholarly articles provides a wealth of information; however, this video supplements my lectures. I am able to better understand the emotional perspective of a woman alcoholic seeing her in this video compared to solely reading about it. The video also provided me with new information concerning how women are affected by alcoholism differently than men.

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