Being a first-year student, I plan to develop my global perspective by studying abroad and involving myself with new curriculums and clubs. Being outside of my comfort zone will open my eyes to new experiences that will help me improve my social skills, confidence, and critical thinking. I will then be able to view the world in a different way and I will be able to apply new things that I have learned into my life, future developments, and endeavors.

I plan to be involved in scientific or psychological research throughout my undergraduate experience so that I can broaden my knowledge first-hand. With research, I will be able to produce more critical thinking skills and enhance my creativity.

I chose to pursue a Biology and Zoology so that I can strengthen my scientific knowledge so that I can go to medical school. Being pre-med, I have to take numerous scientific and mathematical classes and a Biology major alone covers that. I am also pursuing a Zoology major because I am interested in animal sciences and I feel as though learning the anatomy of other organisms and animals will enhance my medical knowledge. I feel as though learning the anatomy of other animals will help me become a better doctor. New advancements and medical knowledge may be achieved by having this major. I still have not chosen all of my GE courses, however, a couple that I am considering have to do with pharmaceuticals and drawing. I would like to become well-rounded with my education here at The Ohio State University. So, I plan to take numerous different courses to fulfill my GE course requirements. I believe being well-rounded will open more paths for me in my future.

I am currently involved with a few clubs and organizations including the Muslim Student Association, First Year Initiative, and the Bioethics club. I believe being involved with clubs at the Ohio State University will connect me with the university and Columbus. I personally would like to be involved more, so, clubs will help me achieve that. Being involved with the university and Columbus will also help me become a better leader as I will familiarize myself with this area. I feel that one needs to know his or her surroundings so that one can develop into an excelling leader. Being a leader will also build up my confidence and enrich my experience which in turn will help me excel in being a doctor in the future. Being confident in one’s decisions is crucial for one to be successful in any field. In one word, my leadership style is definitely inclusive. I have a great skill for including everyone and making sure everyone’s voice is heard while being able to come to a census at the end.

As stated before, I am currently involved with the Muslim Student Association, First Year Initiative, and the Bioethics club. I also plan to rush for Phi Delta Epsilon, a pre-med fraternity, during my second semester. I plan to engage with my community through these organizations and through volunteering outside of these clubs. I plan to get involved, either volunteering or working as a medical scribe, with either Wexner Medical Center or Grant Medical Center. I am interested in the trauma field which is why I’m leaning more towards Grant Medical Center as it is a Level I Trauma Center. I hope this will help me be ensured in wanting to pursue a job in the medical field in the future and explore different options within the medical field.