Our Team

Taylor Golden, President & Founder

Taylor Golden is a fourth-year Land Grant Opportunity scholar majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Ohio State University. His broad focus areas include global environmental justice, women’s issues and intersectional studies, addressing educational disparities and the opioid epidemic in rural Appalachia, and empowerment-focused effective altruism. He is the founder and current president of The Maximin Project, a student organization partnered with the international nonprofit The Life You Can Save and OSU’s Center for Ethics and Human Values committed to empowering students at Ohio State with opportunities to both maximize the global minimum and serve their local community. Additionally, Taylor is working to bring practical, accessible philosophy to underrepresented and underserved groups, specifically homeless youth in Columbus, Ohio.

Grace Palaparty, Director of Giving Games Initiative

Grace Palaparty will be a fourth-year neuroscience major with a minor in linguistics. Grace joined the Maximin project in 2018 and is currently working on the campus-wide Giving Games campaign. Apart from the Maximin project, she is also a member of community health organization Universal Health Aid: Columbus and the Peers Reaching Out organization which is part of OSU’s mental health outreach initiative. Grace is passionate about helping effect social-health related change in the local community, and globally. In her free time she enjoys trying out new recipes and calligraphy. She looks forward to the future of Maximin, and is excited to continue contributing to the great work that is being done.

Julio Torres, Director of Finance & Advancement

Julio A. Torres- Lugo is a fourth-year student at Fisher College of Business specializing in Marketing and minoring in Economics. Julio serves as the Director of Finance and Advancement for the Maximin Project, a student organization at The Ohio State University with a focus on raising the global standard of living through effective altruism. As the Director of Finance and Advancement, Julio both manages the operating and programming funds of the Maximin Project and oversees the long-term aspects of the operation and vision of the organization.

Upon Graduation, Julio will seek gainful employment in the field of Marketing while also studying for the GMAT. Graduate school will allow Julio to achieve his highest career aspirations of becoming an urban high school teacher and will also empower him to mentor and develop underserved adolescents within large metro areas. Through combining his passion for business and helping people, Julio will truly flourish and enrich the lives of those around him.