Christopher Weait Knows Music (and people)

During the month of September, I was asked if I would be willing to perform for the Professor Emeritus of bassoon at the OSU School of Music, Christopher Weait. He was putting together a concert for his retirement community, Friendship Village of Dublin. I agreed at first but was concerned that the extra rehearsals and time commitment would be very stressful and overall not rewarding. I cannot begin to describe how incorrect my original assumption came to be.

The first part of this experience that was more fun that anticipated was the rehearsals. They were very fun, as we played a cute piece that involved costumes and a children’s book about the bassoon. Mr. Weait always demanded that we demonstrate musicality and superior musicianship instead of just playing sounds. Working with him was very enjoyable and I hope I get to rehearse with him in the future.

Along with the rehearsals came the performance, and the opportunity to travel to the Weaits’ home and eat dinner with them. Seeing Mr. Weait’s bassoon room, his literature, nine hole bassoon, and lifelong pursuit of his craft was incredibly encouraging and reminded me how much I love music and playing the bassoon. I would argue, however, that the most rewarding part of my experience was actually performing for the retirement community. The elderly men and women that heard us play and then gave us compliments and encouraged us was a lot of fun and made me aware that life seems short but has many amazing moments. It truly gave me great joy to see Mr. Weait interact with an audience and share his love and passion for music with others once again. I can only hope that I have the same impact on a community and my students that Mr. Weait has had on his.

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