Year in Review

The first year of college was interesting to say the least. Not only did I meet many new people but also I experienced living on my own for the first time in my life. Throughout this year I have learned to be more responsible when it comes to my health and well being with regards to eating right even though I do not have just healthy food around me like I do back home. As for academics I figured out the most effective way to study and manage my time in the most concise way I possibly can. I met a lot of good people through different organizations and I am excited for what the next 3 years have in store.



By following the GOALS created by Honors and Scholars I can effectively utilize my time of learning while I am at OSU. With global awareness I want to travel the world and explore how people around the world live in different environments. In addition, I would love to join a service crew like Med Life on a trip to an underdeveloped country and help those in need. With original inquiry I am going to being research during the fall 2019 semester. With academic enrichment I am determined to do everything related to school to the best of my ability and get the best grades I possibly can. With leadership development I plan on starting my own business doing something I have been wanting to do since I was 10 years old. With service engagement I will continue to volunteer at the James Hospital and also do more work for the community of Columbus through HSS.





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About Me

My name is Stanley Mattam and I am from Proctorville, Ohio. I was a member of the varsity cross country and track teams in high school. In addition, I was both the President and the Secretary of my High School’s chapter of Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society respectively. I spend my free time running outside, volunteering around my neighborhood, and traveling to new places all over the world. I love being able to help people in whatever way I possibly can. Some of my hobbies are researching about cars, watching foreign movies, and exercising on a daily basis. I am currently a biology major and I hope to purse the medical field and become a cardiologist some day. I can not wait to see what these next 4 years have in store for me and I am really happy to be part of the Health Science Scholars Program!