1. Use pattern blocks to make shape pictures. Use as many different shapes as you can. Describe the properties of your picture and tell why you used those  shapes.

2. Hoe are these shapes alike? How are they different?



3. select one shape. Cut it in 5 pieces. Give it to your friend to put together.



1. What can you find in your classroom that is around as long as your legs?

2. Describe one object that  is shorter than your height. Tell how you know it is shorter.

3. Describe one thing that weight less than your bag. How you know it weights less than the bag?

4. you want to buy a plastic cover for your table. what do you need to measure and how would you measure it?


1. A two digit number has more tens than ones. what could the number be? how do you know your number is correct?

2. How are the number 10 and 14 alike? how are they different?

3. Replace the box with valued from 1 to 9 to make each problem true. you can use each number as often as you want.

1            2

1. Show the number 5 in as many different way as you can.

2. The answer is 6. what is the question.

3. Cindy had a party. She invited two guests. Her guests each invited four guests, and then those guests each invited three guests. How many people were at Cindy’s party? Explain how you determined your solution.

4. Make up a subtraction question where there is a 4, a 5 and a 6 somewhere in the question or answer.