1. John has 4 chickens and 3 cows on his farm. Are there more chicken legs or cow legs? Why?

2. Mr. Brown has a total of 11 cows and horses. If he has more cows than horses, how many could he have of each?

3. Joe had 3 toy cars. Susan gave him most of her cars. Joe now has 9 cars. How many toy cars could Susan and Joe have had together?

4. Katie has 7 stickers. She needs to have 15 to pick out of the treasure box. How many more stickers does she need? Explain how you found this number with pictures or words.

5. Sara has some animal crackers. Brittany gave her 5 more. Now she has more than 10 animal crackers. How many could Sara have started with? Explain your answer with words or pictures.

6. Jana has 3 more markers than Lyla. How many markers might each girl have?