1. Given the following number line, place an x where 324 is approximately |300——————————-400| Explain with words how you determined where the x should be placed.

2.┬áMrs. B. left school at 3:25. She had to stop at the Dr’s office, that was 15 minutes from school. Then, she went to the grocery store. It took her 30 minutes to buy what she needed for dinner. After going to the store she drove home. What time could Mrs. B. have gotten home? Explain how you got your answer with words or pictures.

3. Dan had some money, all dollar bills larger than $1. He bought a movie for $16.50 and spent $6.50 on candy. Explain how much money Dan could have started with.

4. Look at a page of a story book that has both text and picture. Which area is greater? The area for the text or the area for the picture?

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