1. There are three school buses that take a total of 35 students to school. In order for the bus to run it must have at least 10 kids and no more than 20 kids on it. How many children could be on each bus?

2. I raked leaves. It took me at most ten minutes to fill a sack. How long did it make me to fill 3 sacks?

3. Sara had some dolls. She has an even number of dolls and an odd number of friends. Can she give all of her friends an equal number of dolls to play with? Explain.

4. Pam made a dozen pumpkin cookies. Stan, Will, and I each got the same number of cookies, but Carly didn’t get any. How many pumpkin cookies could we each get? Explain with words or pictures.

5. Bob had 4 bags of gumballs. Each bag had 10 gumballs in it. Then his mom gave him a bag  with 13 gumballs in it. how many more gumballs does the bag his mom gave him have than his previous bags?

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