The lessons from this module are ones to use as a better student and person! There are various things that I found enlightening, and I could see them helping me build my own confidence as a student and manage the stress that comes with it! The first thing that I found helpful was the descriptions of intrinsic and extrinsic sources which are the roots to your motivation. I now realize how important it is to identify both your intrinsic and extrinsic sources because they define what you want out of life internally, and what you’re striving for or is holding you back. This is the beginning of finding the problem, which leads to the next step- the solution. This is a major skill to develop as a student, because you have to learn how to develop study habits that work best for you. If you can do both of those things, you can correct whatever problem it is you have and move forward. This lesson also discusses the environment in which you study, explaining that it plays a huge role in your efficiency while studying. This is big for me, because often times I find myself studying with friends around and am surrounded by distractions. It suggested being in a quiet place with certain sounds possibly, such as music or white noise. I’ve tried white noise, and found it to be helpful when doing assignments that require deep thought. I also listen to some music, but leave the volume low so I can focus. These are some things I’ve learned from this module, and hope others can try/learn from these things too!