Module 2: Communicating and Collaborating

This module has been very helpful in various ways. College students all face trials and issues when it comes to communication and collaborating with others. We all have many different things going on all at once with school, work, etc. and it can all be done more efficiently through the things this module discussed! It listed many resources that we could use when it comes to collaborating, such as Google docs and OneNote. Both of these help when it comes to working on projects and assignments with other people and resolves the issue through the ability to share documents and edit/comment on them as well. This is essential to having the best work when working together and ensures the best quality! I’ve used Google docs many times before in college when working on group projects and it made it very easy! It wasn’t tough to communicate what needed done and who was going to do it and was very clear (I highly suggest!). Module 2 also discussed how to give a strong first presentation of yourself through online communication, specifically emails. I personally email I professors a lot, and this module gave a clear structure of how properly do so to ensure the best response. Another thing it mentioned was discussion posts and how we should really perceive them. Discussion posts can easily be seen as just assignments, but they are real things once you get into the workforce and communicate with your higher-ups. It truly is asynchronous communication when we all look at it as such and can guarantee the best results. These things are all essential to our futures in the workplace and our full determination to achieve these things will only lead to more success! Module 2 gets this message across very clearly and contains very beneficial concepts worth doing!