Driving Directions

Driving Directions to the OSU Math Tower

Campus Map   Type in MW or “Mathematics Tower”.
You can also type “Tuttle Park” for the parking garage.

At the Lane Avenue exit from Route 315, exit going east on Lane Avenue. Continue over the river, pass the Stadium parking lots on the right, then turn right (south) onto Tuttle Park Pl. In two blocks, turn left to enter the Tuttle Park Place parking garage. Take a ticket from the machine, and look for an empty parking spot that’s not “Reserved”, “Handicap”, or “Temporary”. (Keep that ticket.)

Exit the lot on level 2 (at the SouthEast corner of the garage), then walk uphill to the right, past the large number statues. At the street (Neil Ave) turn right, and walk to where 18th Avenue meets Neil from the left.  On the right (south) side of 18th, several buildings are connected together. The tall one is the Math Tower.
The 18th Ave entrance to that building should be unlocked.

If you are dropping off people and not parking, they can get out at the entrance of the Tuttle Park Place garage, walk around its right side, and be at the number statues as above.  Alternatively, you can drive onto the campus and drop people off somewhere closer to the Math Tower.