COSI Annual Educator Resource Fair

Tuesday, August 1, 10am-2pm 
Join COSI and exhibitors from all around Ohio. Includes free general admission to COSI for teachers, a free movie in COSI’s National Geographic Giant Screen Theater, a free show in the Planetarium, fun freebies, door prizes, and more!
This free event is EXCLUSIVELY for formal teachers, non-formal teachers, homeschool educators, and afterschool educators.


Crystal Defects and Motion Delocation

Check out these resources about crystal defects and the TEK8 Design challenge!

ASM – Crystal Defects

TEK 8:

Teacher and Student Guide

Presentation: -> 2015 TEK8 -> “Dislocations and Material Deformation.pptx”

Videos: -> 2015 TEK8 -> “Dislocation Motion -Telling the Story.mp4” and “Dislocation Motion -Design Challenge Video.mp4”

History of Materials Science

Ever wondered about the history of materials science?  Well, check these links out!

Significant events timeline

“Why the story of materials is really the story of civilisation” by Mark Miodownik article

“Historical Introduction to the Development of Material Science and Engineering as a Teaching Discipline” by Clive Ferguson

“A Century of Plastics”

ASM ” The Stuff of History Lesson”