Dr. Phillip Ward

Dr. Ward is the director of the Master of Sports Coaching degree. He is a former gymnast and gymnastics coach. Dr. Ward has degrees in the areas of sport science, behavior analysis and instructional effectiveness. His research interest includes understanding expertise and teaching/coaching effectiveness.



Dr. Weidong Li

Dr. Weidong Li is a tenured Associate Professor at Department of Human Sciences at the Ohio State University. He received his Ph.D. in Sports Pedagogy in 2004 and a M.S. degree in Experimental statistics in 2003 from Louisiana State University. Dr. Li played basketball on middle and high school teams and had an extensive training in Basketball at college. He has volunteered to coach basketball and soccer at Dublin Basketball and Soccer Leagues. He has been teaching KNPE 5521 skill analysis since 2008 and is currently working on a textbook on skill analysis.


Dr. Samuel R. Hodge

Samuel R. Hodge, Ph.D., Professor, Kinesiology, Department of Human Sciences in the College of Education and Human Ecology, The Ohio State University. Dr. Hodge is a former coach of intercollegiate athletics and today his scholarship focuses on diversity, disability, and social justice in education and sport. He is co-editor of the book titled, Black Males and Intercollegiate Athletics: An Exploration of Problems and Solutions (Bennett, Hodge, Graham, & Moore, 2015) and lead author on such articles as: Brown in Black and White—Then and now: A Question of Educating or Sporting African American Males in America (Hodge, Harrison, Burden, & Dixson, 2008) and A Comparison of High School Students’ Stereotypic Beliefs About Intelligence and Athleticism (Hodge, Kozub, Dixson, Moore, & Kambon, 2008); and chapters in edited books including such titles as: Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ Athletes and Sport Programs: Historical Overview, Evaluations, and Affiliations (Hodge, Bennett, & Collins, 2013); and The Journey of the Black Athlete on the HBCU Playing Field (Hodge, Collins, & Bennett, 2013). His expertise and scholarship serve to inform graduates within the Masters of Sports Coaching program on critical topics in sports and society associated with diversity, disability, and social justice.


Dr. William J. Kraemer

Dr. William J. Kraemer is a full professor in the Department of Human Sciences in College of Education and Human Ecology. His area of research is in the area of strength and conditioning with special attention to the neuromuscular-neuroendocrine systems. He was ranked the number 1 resistance training scientist by “Expertscape’s” and a recent ranking by Sport Science Direct listed him as the number 1 sport science researcher in the world. With over 450 peer reviewed publications in the scientific literature and 12 books his work in the field of exercise physiology has been impressive. He is Fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) along with being certified strength and conditioning specialist and a former President of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Dr. Brian Turner

Dr. Brian Turner was a middle school and high school coach in Texas for a decade before pursuing his PhD at Ohio State. He was twice named his district’s middle school basketball coach of the year and was also on two basketball staffs that finished 3rd in the state. Dr. Turner has published over 50 articles, including 20 directly related to coaches and the coaching profession. He is currently completed a term on the Athletic Council at Ohio State.

Dr. Jerry Davis

Jerry Davis is currently the Director of Staff Development in the Department of Athletics, and the Director of the Ohio State LiFEsports Program. Jerry has helped lead the creation of multiple professional development programs for nearly 600 staff, the Wolstein Leadership Academy for student-athletes, and the LiFEsports program for 650 disadvantaged youth each summer which is recognized as the largest outreach program at Ohio State.  He has also managed hundreds of high school, collegiate, and professional sporting events.  He has worked with the NCAA, NHL, MLB, AFL, and OHSAA. He received three degrees from The Ohio State University in business, sports management and education.