Abnormal Ears Poster

Farmers frequently find abnormal corn ears in fields affected by major stress such as drought, temperature extremes, disease injury, insect injury or misapplied chemicals.  Often, these abnormalities adversely affect yield and grain quality.  This poster describes symptoms and causes of ten types of abnormal corn ears.  The purpose of the poster is to help corn growers and agricultural professionals diagnose and in some cases manage various ear disorders.  This web page describes over 30 additional types of abnormal corn ear development and strategies for managing them.


Abnormal Ear Poster 2015 version pdf


Our Communications & Technology team has 26 x 33 inch copies of the poster available.  An updated version is currently available (updated in 2015).  The poster is printed on durable plasticized paper. Cost is $11.75 plus shipping. Ask for “Abnormal Corn Ears” poster ACE-1.



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Available at https://extensionpubs.osu.edu/abnormal-corn-ears-poster/

Additionally, there are versions of the Abnormal Corn Ears Poster available in other languages.  Check below for current versions available.  Other versions will be added as they become available.


Spanish Version

Spanish Version Abnormal Ears Poster pdf




Portuguese Version

Portuguese Version Abnormal Ears Poster pdf




Ukrainian Version

Ukraine Version Abnormal Ears Poster pdf