Semester in Review

This semester has forced me to grow both academically and personally. I have been challenged academically more in the past 3 months than ever before. With so much freedom here at college, time management becomes tremendously more important than in high school. Thankfully, I feel that I am very good at managing my time between the clubs I have joined, the friends I have met, and my academic studies. Personally, a skill that I may not have completely had a grasp on before was conversing with people I have never met before. Coming to college, everyone was someone I had never met before. Interpersonal connection is a skill that I have quickly developed in the past few months, and it will only continue to develop further. This has been a great semester so far, and I cannot wait to continue to experience everything I can from The Ohio State University!

Optometry: Eat and Explore

I was able to attend an Eat and Explore event today through the Biological Sciences Scholars program. This event involved meeting Karla Zadnik (pictured on left) and Shawn Gilbert (pictured on right). Mrs. Zadnik is the Dean of The Ohio State College of Optometry, and Mr. Gilbert is the Assitant Director of Admissions. The event also included information on the reasons to pursue optometry and the admission process for The Ohio State College of Optometry. From this experience, I was able to get a holistic view of optometry as well as learn even more about the program Ohio State has. In addition, I was able to have some of my questions answered which will help me make decisions regarding my undergraduate experience!

G.O.A.L.S: What are they?

G.O.A.L.S is a honors and scholars acronym that stands for Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement. Global Awareness is what I will learn about different cultures and ideas through my experiences here at Ohio State. Original Inquiry involves going to different presentations, lectures, and events with questions that will help me understand the topic. Academic Enrichment is simply pursuing a route that is more difficult than the route others are taking. Academic excellence occurs when you are pushed outside of your comfort zone, and that is what difficult classes and experiences do. Leadership Development is as it sounds–developing leadership skills. This is an important one to me because being a leader is a quality used in school, a career, and even with friends and family. I am currently on the executive board of Buckeye Food Alliance as a general body member and hope to hold a position next year! Lastly, Service Engagement is being involved in service organizations, churches, or anything that utilizes your time and talent for others in need. As I said I am a member of Buckeye Food Alliance and this organization runs a food pantry for anyone with food insecurity. In addition, I am really hoping to go on a missionary trip through Crossroads Church, and/or get involved in Buck-I-Serve! I am excited to explore G.O.A.L.S and will update this section with how I am doing with them!

Scholarship Cup

Earlier this year, I was rewarded with the engraving of my name on The Scholarship Cup at Coshocton High School. Each year, the student that is number one in the graduating class has their name engraved on this award which is presented during the scholarship ceremony. This award means a lot to me because it is my greatest accomplishment to date, and is something tangible that signifies the amount of work I put into getting to where I am today. Likewise, the cup is a reminder of the steps I have already taken to get to my career goals and to continue working toward them. Translating the hard work I put in before to right now will allow me to succeed in college and hopefully take me on to optometry school. I was humbled by the experience of standing on stage as the cup was presented in front of the school, faculty, and parents in the audience, and I will cherish that memory for years to come.

First Job

In the summer going into my first year of college, I experienced my first real job. I had been paid to do small things by people in the community such as lay mulch, paint, walk dogs, etc. However, I had never experienced getting up Monday through Friday and going to work for hours at a time. The summer of 2019, I worked at Hickory Flats Golf Course in West Layfayette, Ohio. Here, I put out carts in the morning, trimmed trees, ran a weed eater, changed the placement of each cup on the green, and anything else my boss asked me to. I was the youngest person that worked there, by far, so I received the tasks that were always the hardest. From this experience, I learned the value of hard work, an education, and service. The job taught me hard work in that my contributions were noticed by people who came to the course. I was told multiple times that the course looked better that summer than it had in any of the past summers, specifically because of what I had been doing. This type of feedback made me feel appreciated and made me feel that the hard work I was putting in was worth it; the feedback was also what got me through the July heat! Speaking of July heat, this job taught me the value of education because receiving a college degree will allow me to work in an area that is not intense, outdoor labor, like at the course, and for minimal pay. While a great summer job for a teenager, manual labor at a golf course is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. Lastly, while working at the golf course, there was a flood that impacted West Layfayette by flooding homes and businesses alike. Hundreds of peoples properties were damaged by the waters and the golf course was closed for days. All during this, I was taught what it was like to have to bring something back from devastation. By using the lessons from that flood, I have a different perspective on serving people and places that have been impacted by events out of their control. I will unfortunately not be able to work at Hickory Flats Golf Course this summer, as I have been advised to find a job in an optometry practice’s office. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for my experience there and will use what I learned in all aspects of the rest of my life.

Contact information for Hickory Flats Golf Course is as follows:

  • Address: 54188 Township Road 155 West Lafayette, OH 43845
  • Mail Us:
  • Phone: (740) 545-7796
  • Hours: Monday – Friday — 08:00 – 8:00


My name is Griffin Mason, and I am a 1st-year student at The Ohio State University. I graduated from Coshocton High school in 2019. I am currently majoring in biology and would love to go to optometry school after my undergraduate program. I am in the Biological Sciences Scholars Program and hope to join more clubs and sports soon! In college, I would like to not only become educated in the field I chose, but to gain experiences that will make me unique. I hope that Ohio State will provide me with opportunities for me to grow as a student and a person. The sense of community here at Ohio State is phenomenal, and although it is a lot bigger than the small town of Coshocton, I feel at home in both places. In Coshocton, I was able to play sports, serve in high school clubs, serve my local church, etc. Here at Ohio State, I can do all of that but in much bigger ways! Lastly, I wanted to add why I chose optometry which is that I have always thought eyes were fascinating since a young boy. this curiosity has only increased over the year I not only want to understand how it all works but to use my knowledge to help people find relief from the many problems that can happen with this one-fifth of our senses!