Week #11 and #12

Week 11 consisted of starting a presentation project to present the Cardinal Center shooting center at the ATA Grand American in Illinois. Unfortunately I will not be making the private jet trip there next Monday but I was able to use my ag comm skills to make a clean presentation for my company president to present. Week 12 still working on the project to finish animations and checking over fonts and sizes.

Week #9 And #10

This past week was another week to continue straw after the weather calmed down and dried up. Raked straw and transported bales around the county and did a delivery to the Amish. This week we kept doing straw, in the rain which was a muddy mess and a new experience for me.

Week #8

In this weeks work, I helped clean out and demo an old house to prepare for remodeling. The house is owned by my internship company. After a storm rolled through over night on Wednesday I spent a day clearing fallen trees around the shooting sports area at the trap shoot. Finished the week preparing tractors and moving equipment to a field that’s ready to make straw.

Week #7

This week I learned how to do concrete. I assisted with a company that works with my internship company with pouring and laying concrete for sidewalks. I’ve never had experience with concrete especially on the level of expertise that I worked with this past week. On the weekend I helped out again with running a turbo till to work up more ground to finish up planting season.

Week #6

This past week consisted of organizing and transporting supplies and equipment out of a storage building as well as helping the trap shoot load clay pigeons into the bunks during the state shoot.

Week #5

AEA7679F-F601-400D-B17D-3ACCB8B1713BThis past week consisted of cleaning out storage tanks which actually wasn’t bad I enjoyed spraying them out with a high power hose. Then I helped improve the irrigation system at the Cardinal center shooting sports center that Fishburn’s owns. Consisted of digging down to a pipe, cutting, and installing a drainage cap and tile to the surface.

Week #3 and #4

Added to my personal project on google earth of mapping out my companies owned properties. After  two days of finishing up mapping 6,000 acres I finished the week doing some landscaping. The following week consisted of learning how to mow hay, ted it, and baling it on a larger scale than I’m used to. Took the whole week into the weekend to finish hay for the week.

Week #2

The second week of the internship consisted of a lot of learning and running equipment getting reading for planting season 2k19. Learned how to plant corn and learned about nitrogen and pop up chemicals used while planting. Also put in a lot of hours of turbo tilling the soil to dry it out for planting. Also, finished my project of labeling fields on google earth for the company’s project needs.

Week #1

After my first week attending to Fishburn Services, my summer internship has been a great learning experience thus far. It started off by using google earth to mark off property owned by the company, that would be use for future presentations to other companies looking to purchase Fishburn’s land. I also sat down in meetings to listen and observe the environment, which helped me see and understand the business world in an up close manor. The rest of the week I helped get hay equipment prepared for the fields as well as run a disk through the fields as Fishburns was preparing for planting season.