Week#7 internship 2020

This past week the cardinal center had a quite large shooting clays event. Which i spent most of my work helping things get ready and run smoothly. Also did trash duty and it’s acutely fun most of the time… We had our incounters but you’ll always have that in this industry. Nothing is going to come out perfect every day. I’ve learn more about the grain bins and how to run those as well.

Week #5 and #6 2020

In the past two hectic weeks I’ve managed to do all sorts of things at my internship. It consisted of a lot of time at the cardinal center shooting sports located in my home town of Marengo Ohio. As the corona pandemic postponed trap shooting, the cardinal center was able to open up and have their first shoot. So I helped cut down trees, do trash duty every day of the shoot, and load shooting clays into the trap houses. In between that I’ve also been helping clear grain bins and also clean around the grain bins which is quite the dirty job.

Week #4 2020

IMG_3268 This past week we finished up planting season 2020. Spent the week networking with farmers as i returned chemical bins and seed pallets. Also started the first cutting of hay. Replaced tracks on a 331 JD skid steer.

Week 3 2020 internship

This past week i continued to turbo till more fields. Nearing our 6,000 acre goal for planting 2020. On the rainy days I learned more about a 333G John Deere skid steer as I cleaned the rollers and put new tracks on the skid steer. Also started making hay this weekend for the first cutting of the summer.

Week #2 of 2020

I’ve continued to run the case Steiger and turbo till on the fields all day when able. On the rainy days I’ve been in the shop to maintenance my equipment and help my coworkers as well. It’s been pretty consistent, long hours and hard work. Enjoying myself very much so.

Week #1 2020

Returned back to fishburn services for the second summer here in Marengo, Ohio. I’ve been promoted to a full time farmer on Fishburn’s farming crew. My time consist of driving a 435 case Steiger and running a turbo till to get the dirt worked up for planting. Work has been interesting as the Covid times are still amongst us. A lot of vehicle time has been my start to the internship. Still in the works of planning for personal projects for this summer.

Week #11 and #12

Week 11 consisted of starting a presentation project to present the Cardinal Center shooting center at the ATA Grand American in Illinois. Unfortunately I will not be making the private jet trip there next Monday but I was able to use my ag comm skills to make a clean presentation for my company president to present. Week 12 still working on the project to finish animations and checking over fonts and sizes.

Week #9 And #10

This past week was another week to continue straw after the weather calmed down and dried up. Raked straw and transported bales around the county and did a delivery to the Amish. This week we kept doing straw, in the rain which was a muddy mess and a new experience for me.

Week #8

In this weeks work, I helped clean out and demo an old house to prepare for remodeling. The house is owned by my internship company. After a storm rolled through over night on Wednesday I spent a day clearing fallen trees around the shooting sports area at the trap shoot. Finished the week preparing tractors and moving equipment to a field that’s ready to make straw.

Week #7

This week I learned how to do concrete. I assisted with a company that works with my internship company with pouring and laying concrete for sidewalks. I’ve never had experience with concrete especially on the level of expertise that I worked with this past week. On the weekend I helped out again with running a turbo till to work up more ground to finish up planting season.