About Me

Becoming an adult is something that I’ve realized is much, much more than turning 18. If only I’d known that four years ago.

I graduated in May with a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communication and a minor in Spanish. During my college career, I learned a thing or two. I learned how to do laundry and dishes without being asked. I learned which unique qualities are most important to me in friendships and relationships. I learned how to handle stress – or, at the very least, that no matter how stressed I am, I CAN handle it. I learned how to recognize mediocrity and take steps – quite literally, from Pitt to Ohio State – toward betterment. The most valuable wisdom I’ve gained throughout my four undergraduate years was the power of being assertive. Time and time again, I have found that more often than not, there is nothing to lose from advocating for myself for the purpose of personal advancement. The doors this insight has opened for me have been opportune.

I have a whole lot more “adulting” to do. When I am so comfortable in a career that I love that I can afford to 1. make Sunday brunch a weekly occurrence and 2. subscribe to one of those utterly unnecessary, yet probably satisfying monthly subscription boxes (fabfitfun, please,) I may feel like I have successfully transformed into an adult. However, the transition period is now, as I search for such a career while incessantly asserting myself to employers, regardless of how “qualified” I may think I appear.