Practice Introduction…Steve Jobs

It’s a given that there will be tears shed at some point during any college graduation commencement ceremony. There was not a dry eye in the stadium after Steve Jobs, CEO of Microsoft, gave his commencement speech to the students and families of Stanford’s graduating class of 2005 on June 5, 2005.


Jobs used personal stories of how his failures eventually led to success to encourage graduates to continually work toward their dreams.


“Sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick,” Jobs said. “Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.”

Kraft Quick to Join Mansoor Administration

Mary Siekman

Comm 2221

Nicole Kraft


Kraft Quick to Join Mansoor Administration


Nicole Kraft had worked as a news reporter, Congressional press secretary, a magazine editor, a journalism professor, and established a comfortable life with her family in Columbus, Ohio, when an opportunity knocked and turned her life around.


An email from the White House Chief of Staff Arizona Roosevelt asked one question: “Would you like to become press secretary for presidential candidate Peter Mansoor?”


It didn’t take long for Kraft to decide to leave her position as a faculty member at The Ohio State University to join Mansoor in his journey to the White House.


“When a potential president comes calling, it is a really hard thing to turn down,” Kraft said.


Kraft is currently serving as the White House press secretary alongside Mansoor’s administration. Kraft handles the press office as it relates to the White House. She briefs the press core twice a day in terms of what the administration is working on.


Kraft is a native Californian who holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Temple University and a master’s degree in Communication from The Ohio State University. She worked as a newspaper and magazine editor before serving as press secretary for Pennsylvania Congressman Jon D. Fox.


Kraft spent the last 10 years as a professor within the School of Communication at The Ohio State University.


“I do not believe in doing things half way,” Kraft said. “I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.”


Kraft meets with policy advisors to stay updated on the nation’s news throughout the course of the day to keep the media and the public informed.


It is essential for the White House press secretary to possess excellent writing and people skills.


“Her work ethic is relentless and she has enormous emotional intelligence,” Roosevelt said. “It gives her the ability to understand people and connect with them.”


The daily tasks of the White House press secretary are overwhelming at times. Fortunately, the hard work, stress, and anxiety are outweighed by the satisfaction of working toward a purpose she believes in.


“We need to have incredibly high standards for ourselves and for the people around us,” Kraft said. “That is why I joined the Mansoor administration because I believe he is the person to get great things done.”


Kraft will continue to serve as the primary interface between the president and the White House until the completion of President Mansoor’s term and then plans to return to academia.


“My experiences here will help me be an even better teacher than I was before,” Kraft said. “I can become a better teacher everyday that I do it. My goal is to return and use these experiences to invest in my students.”


Taking on the responsibilities of The White House press secretary is a time consuming task.


“Serving the American public is the highest form of service that you can have.” Kraft said. “Anytime you can serve the people, serve the public, and serve the government it’s a great honor and feels like the highest calling you can have and I am happy to be here.”


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News Briefing 13 (3/5)

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1) Queen Elizabeth

2) football team (Philadelphia Penn)

3) Ron Klain “Ebolazar”

4) Honey Boo Boo

5) Vermont (Washington)

6) Survival rate for first world countries: 75% (80%)

“Mansoor Administration Takes Action Against Ebola Outbreak”

Mary Siekman

Demi Snider


“Mansoor Administration Takes Action Against Ebola Outbreak”


The Ebola outbreak that exploded in West African countries has the potential to be considered a National security threat.


President Peter Mansoor spoke about Ebola while addressing the nation on the administration’s plans to maintain health and safety within the country.


“I believe the chances of an Ebola outbreak in the United States are very, very, very low,” Mansoor said. “These are not just my thoughts, but the thoughts of the informed medical and scientific community in the United States.”


The Mansoor Administration has established nationwide plans and programs to contain potential Ebola outbreaks. This is simply because he wants to ensure that health care workers in the future will not be put at health and safety risks.


There were earlier mistakes made regarding the treatment of the late Thomas Duncan, a patient who contracted Ebola and passed away in October, and the nurses who were exposed to the virus.


“I have directed a review to make sure that the Center of Disease Control is in the right place,” Mansoor said. “As part of this review, we are mandating that Ebola treatment will happen at one of the only four Ebola centers in the United States.”


The president recently appointed an Ebolazar to coordinate administrative responses with the Center for Disease Control and various administrations, Government entities, as well as keeping Congress, and the American people informed.


“Ebola is a biological threat that knows no boundaries,” Mansoor said. “Although there are diseases in the world that are killing more people, none has the threat of spreading to become a pandemic like Ebola does.”