Time Management -module 3

Time management? It is the trait I lack the most. The process of planning and having a control over time to accomplish specific goals or assignments. Procrastination? it is the main competitor against my time management skills. It lures behind me like a shadow waiting to devour me whole. It is hard to overcome and makes me become overwhelmed while rising my anxiety levels at the same time. I’m sure every college student can recall a time where procrastination became a dire issue. Not knowing what to do our grades suffered just as much as our confidence in being a student declined.
Thanks to the weekly module, I have found a five step process to help alleviate one of the many problems us students go through. Step 1: Recognizing that you’re procrastinating. Acknowledging your issue will always be the first step to improvement. Step 2:Understanding the reason behind your procrastination. What is happening behind the scenes that is pushing you to procrastinate. Doubts ? Fear of failing ? poor organization? Come face to face with the issue, stop avoiding it ! Step 3: STRATGIES ! Instead of waiting to do assignment try completing it as soon as it pops up in your notifications. Learn to reward yourself! Don’t feel it’s expected of you to receive good grades all the time and don’t punish yourself if you do bad on one assignment. It’s not the end of the world. If you do well, treat yourself. If you receive a bad grade try a differnt approach next time. No one is perfect! Step 4 : Aim for the Peak! Try completing your homework/tasks during your most effective hours of the day. Whether that is during the morning or night time , find the most comfortable time (the peak) to finsih the difficult assignments/tasks. Step 5: Goals! Goals! Goals! Try setting time-bound goals as a motivation to complete the tasks, with an reward at the end if you accomplish them. Creating mini-deadlines will keep you focus awaiting the award you set for yourself. Make it interesting to keep your attention, like a game or competition. Don’t defeat yourself, defeat the problem! If you want more information on tackling procrastination watch the video linked.

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