Sierra’s Tips to Students (Module 7: FINAL Blog Post)

Hi guys!

This will be my final blog post to you guys. You should be making your final decisions on school soon and hopefully taking these tips with you to college in the fall! We’ve learned a lot about online technology and learning strategies. There are so many resources online right at our finger tips and its so important to take advantage of them. We talked about web based study resources like Quizlet, khan academy, and others. These are essential to my success in school and can be very beneficial to you too. Not only are these resources available to help you study but there are also¬†tools that will help you edit your paper, present on topics, and almost any other academic need you can think of. There’s also so many tools online to help you organize your time. Google has many programs that you can use to plan out our day, week, or semester. Their calendar alone is something that you can link to your phone and have with you at all times.

Personally I’ve learned a lot from this online strategies course I’m taking at school It has provided me with tips and tactics that have helped me be successful when it comes to¬†school. It forced me to look at myself as a learner and see what works and what doesn’t; what’s my strength and what are my weaknesses. I’ve learned how much I need to write things down. I knew it was something that helped me but once I really started using a planner and Google calendar my life seemed to just fall in to place. I wasn’t forgetting meetings or assignments as much and I overall felt less stressed. I didn’t feel like I was juggling a bunch of deadlines in my mind anymore. It’s important to learn these things about yourself because not everyone learns the same way. You have to find what strategies work best for you and capitalize on them.

This goes right into what my most meaningful experience would be. It was definitely the module where our assignments focused on time management. Something as a simple as tracking how you spend your time has been extremely beneficial to me. I saw how much time I spent doing nothing. I was stressing myself out trying to meet deadlines when I truly wasn’t spending my time efficiently. Its different to be told you’re doing such and such too much but to actually see it written out was eye opening. We also made a Google calendar that week which I still use. The overall module was by far the most valuable experience.

I will apply a lot of what I learned in this class to the rest of my academic career and I hope you guys do too! I will obviously use a lot of the time management skills. I will also use the resources that people recommended for tools to help you study. Some of them I had heard of before but a lot of them I hadn’t. Overall I will use online tools more. There are so many strategies to help you succeed online that I had no idea about.

I hope this blog has been helpful to you all! Good luck in your freshman year and try to remember the tips I gave you!

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