The purpose of our site is to allow us to effectively participate in an asynchronous journal club.

 Why do you want to participate?

  • Gain/Share Knowledge

  • Obtain/Maintain Clinical Ladder

  • Team Building

How can you use this site?

  • The clinical ladder page lists the requirements for using journal club as part of your clinical ladder application. This page also has the mentors and their units listed. The mentors can advise you in the application process.

  • The tutorial page has two sections. The first describes how to post articles in the journal club lead role. The second section has information on how to effectively search for journal articles.

  • The journal articles page is where we will post our articles and discussion questions. This is also where we will reply to the prompts and our peers’ comments.

  • The attendance page is where you will be able to find the monthly journal club sign in sheets. You will need copies of these for your clinical ladder application.