Module 7

One thing I took away from this module is from slide 14, (link: “How to Avoid Distractions” video. I believe that Motivation and Productivity do go hand in hand like it mentioned on slide 14. Making choices around you will reflect on your studying. The first tip the video mentioned was to use applications to help you with your time management. I have already used the Self Control application and I just set times when I will be working and it helps avoid going into other websites to distract myself from my work. Once the time is off I allow myself to take breaks. The next tip the video mentioned was to created two accounts on your computer so you do not mixed work with your leisure time. This advice I had not heard yet but I will begin to create a new account soon because I believe this will benefit me from having distractions. The next tip mentioned was to clear everything from your work space and I do this every time I study or work on school work. Having a clean space either in the library or in your own room will help you feel comfortable and not overwhelmed with clutter. The last tip, which is very helpful and I use every time I work or study is listening to study music. It helps me calm down from what I was doing previously like working out or getting back from a lecture. Having background music helps tune out other noises in the library or in your apartment if you have roommates and keeps you focused on the things in front of you.