Join students, faculty, and friends of the Ohio State Modern Greek Program for weekly reading in Greek, with discussion mostly in English (translation is supplied), of a novel by Petros Markaris that has been translated into many languages. Advanced students of Greek will enjoy reading a contemporary vernacular Greek text that is also an entertaining murder mystery in the tradition of Yannis Maris, but with a topical edge. Meetings normally last for about an hour and are led by OSU Modern Greek major Yanni Patitsas ’23.

In 2022 we meet Mondays at 1:30pm Columbus, Ohio time (8:30pm in Greece). Below is the link where you can join us this Monday as we begin the first chapters of of ΛΗΞΙΠΡΟΘΕΣΜΑ ΔΑΝΕΙΑ by Πέτρος Μάρκαρης.

OSU students have prepared presentations including translation, vocabulary and illustration of this text, available here. The texts without translation are available here.

Follow this link to join our Zoom Meeting at 1:30pm Columbus time Monday (link is not active at other times):