2019 Jr. Fair Market Steer & Market Heifer Weigh-in Information

Marion County Jr. Fair
Market Steer & Heifer Weigh-In
Saturday, December 15, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Horse Barn #7
(Snow Date: December 22)

2019 Jr. Fair Market Steer & Market Heifer Weigh-in Packet

  1. Complete one registration form for each steer and heifer to be registered and weighed.
  2. 2019 Marion County Market Beef Fair Entry Form: This enclosed form MUST be completed and turned in on December 15.This will be your fair entry form for market animals only. Breeding beef and feeder calf entry forms will be separate and due May 15.
  3. Enclosed are rules, requirements and application for the 2019 Bred, Born and Raised Class sponsored by the Cattlemen’s Association. Please read these carefully if you wish to participate in this class. These forms must also be completed and turned in at weigh-in/tagging registration on Saturday, December 15.
  4.  All market steer and heifer projects must be in the exhibitor’s possession and be weighed-in on December 15 to be eligible to show at the 2019 Marion County Fair.
  5.  All market beef will be weighed and tagged.
  6.  This letter is being sent to ag education instructors and electronically to all 4-H members. So pass this information on to any potential new exhibitors you may know. 4-H organizational advisors will receive a postcard.
  7.  You MUST have a halter on each animal!Please work with these animals and tame them to help prevent injuries to the animals and people.
  8.  RALGRO or SYNOVEX implants will be available at Steer and Heifer Weigh-In.
  9.  Dairy Feeder Calf Exhibitors must attend weigh-in and tag day to be determined at a later date. Beef Feeder Calf Exhibitors must have a broadside picture of their project animal and entry form turned in to the Extension office by May 15, 2019.
  10. The Ohio State Fair Beef Department is again using new protocols for identifying market beef animals.These protocols include the use of an electronic, identification (EID) ear tag that has a unique 15-digit number and a DNA sample that will be submitted for all market beef animals that exhibitors plan to enter in the 2019 Ohio State Fair Junior Market Beef Show.

The DNA collection will be in the form of a hair sample that will be submitted to the Ohio State Fair by January 15, 2019 to meet the ownership deadlines for market beef animals.  Along with the DNA hair submission, each market animal’s 15-digit EID tag must also be included on the DNA packet. DNA packets may be picked up at any Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) BEST sanctioned show prior to the January 15 deadline or ordered from the Ohio State Fair.

All market beef and market heifers that you plan to exhibit at the Ohio State Fair MUST have an EID tag and hair sample submitted by January 15 to the Ohio State Fair.  There are two ways to get the packet of materials needed:

If you are showing that animal at a BEST show prior to the January 15, 2019 deadline, the EID eartag you use for the BEST shows will also be the EID tag for state fair.  You will also get the envelope and directions for submitting a hair sample.

If you are not showing that animals in a BEST show, you must contact the Ohio State Fair and have a tag and packet sent to you.  Because most of our state fair exhibitors also show at BEST shows, the Marion County Extension office will NOT be ordering packets.  The EID tags are expensive and we do not want to order tags that will not be needed.

You will place the tag into the animal’s ear and collect the hair samples.  Once this step is completed, you will need to bring the envelope which is closed, seal in place correctly and signed by the exhibitor to the Extension office or Ag Instructor.  If the tag was in place when the animal comes to the Marion County Weigh-In on December 15 (the EID number will be written on the weigh-in slip), then you will bring the form to the Extension office if you are a 4-H member or to your Ag teacher if you are a FFA member.  The 4-H Educator or FFA Advisor will sign to verify you are a member in good standing at the time.  The exhibitor is then responsible to mail or deliver the envelope to the Ohio State Fair by January 15.  If the eartag is not in place at the December 15 weigh-in, you will also need to provide a clear picture that shows the EID eartag in place and the numbers can be read.

To obtain a packet if you are not showing in a BEST show, contact:

The Ohio Expo Center and State Fair
c/o Stacey French
717 E 17th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43211
Phone: 514/544-4049
E-mail: s.french@expo.state.oh.us


For questions or concerns, please email Margo Long at long.1632@osu.edu.