The Academic Success Center (ASC) advances the mission of Ohio State Marion, preparing students for professions within a 21st century global society, through a dual-focus on supporting foundational academic skills and fostering intellectual growth and achievement across disciplines.

Foundational Skills: Our services focus on helping students understand what is involved in the learning process, discover knowledge, and build upon that Study groupknowledge. We provide outstanding tutoring services in a variety of subjects and learning strategies. Our practice is informed by current scholarship in teaching and learning, as well as an awareness of the cultural, social, linguistic, and educational diversity that students bring to their studies. To promote active learning when working with students, we scaffold information and encourage students to take ownership of their learning by implementing strategies to cope with challenges. In addition, we help students develop more effective time management skills and study habits.

TeamworkDiversity: Everyone is welcome at ASC, and our practices are informed by standards of diversity and inclusion. We strive to establish a welcoming and structured center, where students feel safe and supported. We also maintain professional relationships with all populations on campus—students, faculty, and staff—to foster student success in the classroom, at the university, and beyond.