Dean’s report May 1, 2015

Happy May! Spring Semester 2015 is winding to a close, and so this will be my last biweekly report until Fall Semester 2015. We have witnessed a tremendous amount of forward progress these past nine months, and have much to look forward to during the 2015-2016 academic year. Here’s a quick look at some of the issues impacting us at the moment.

We are currently in the midst of two searches in Admissions: one to replace Shari as Director and one to replace the Admissions Counselor position vacated by Kelly (and Collin previously). In the meantime, we are placing a great deal of responsibility on Natasha’s shoulders to carry the work of the Admissions department forward. Many thanks to her and everyone else who is pitching in to help carry the load!

I hope you remembered to RSVP for our Fifth Annual Day of Celebration events taking place on Friday May 8th. We will be experimenting with our first off-campus lunch and awards ceremony this year, as well as enjoying the tried and true hospitality of Dawn Kitchen and Jim Nicholson for the evening festivities.

On Monday May 11th, the first workshop recommended by the Campus Culture Committee will take place, with a focus on civility, trust, and dealing with change. Once again, I would strongly encourage everyone to attend. From my vantage point, this is an opportunity to strengthen our entire campus through active participation of all faculty and staff members, which is why I will be in attendance for all three sessions that day.

Renovation activity is scheduled to begin in Eisenhower in the very near future. By the time that faculty and students return to campus this fall, there will be plenty of evidence that a remarkable transformation will have taken place in our dining facilities. How exciting!

In closing, I wish to express the hope that faculty members will have a productive summer, and will rejoin the rest of us this coming August with a reinvigorated sense of mission and purpose. Go Bucks and Go Ohio State Mansfield!

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