I chose the Biological Science Scholars Program because I support what it stands for. The Scholars Program helps students who strive for different occupations but share one important characteristic: love of science. Biological Science Scholars Program at Ohio State mixes students who enjoy the hard sciences and mesh them together to create ideas that come from many different view points and cultures. To be a successful scholar, in my opinion, one needs to be able to handle adversity. College is no walk in the park. There will be ups and downs and failure is inevitable. What separates a scholar from a successful scholar is who he/she can be tested and the resilience behind that person. As the first semester comes to an end, there have already been some ups and downs. I have learned so much this semester, intellectual knowledge and I learned more about myself. I learned that in college, there are plenty of ways to help you succeed, you just need to utilize them.


For my artifact, I chose the James Cancer Hospital because I am a current and future student volunteer. Every Friday from 6-8 pm, I volunteer for Restful Nights, a volunteer shift that supplies comforting amenities to the patients. I love to interact with the patients in such a calm setting. It is our job to make the patients feel relaxed and at home, providing them with basic items like lotions, chap-stick, pens, notepads, and neck pillows. The books and magazines are graciously donated to us by areas around Columbus. As an aspiring doctor in the medical field, I believe that the James Cancer Hospital displays what I truly enjoy doing.

James Center


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About Me

My name is Zach Manos and I am a 2019 student. I am from North Canton, Ohio and have been there all my life.  My intention is to major in Biology following the pre-med track. My long term career goal is to become an Orthopedic Surgeon. Summer of 2015 I had the opportunity to shadow multiple Orthopedic Surgeons in their respective specialties. For instance, I shadowed Dr. Ira Richterman of OMNI Orthopedics during his office hours as well as during numerous hand-related surgeries. I also shadowed Dr. Candage and Dr. Pentz of Aultman Hospital and observed 2 total knee replacements and a double total knee replacement. I am currently volunteering at James Cancer Center Fridays from 6-8 pm. I am a member of the Molecular Genetics club, the Boxing club, and the Wakeboarding club. My hobbies include playing baseball, golfing, volunteering, and staying physically active. I chose the Biological Science Scholars program because of my love for science and the opportunity to surround myself with others who share similar passions.  untitled

Year in Review

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During the AUG15 semester, I have acquired more than 20 hours of volunteer service at the James Cancer Hospital