My Valentine to the Arts and Sciences

Valentine candiesHow Do I Love Thee? Let me Count the Ways*
(and, there are many more than these)

I love:
#1 knowing that, together, art + humanities + science drives the future and powers the world
#2 offering our students an affordable, comprehensive, personalized education and exceptional opportunities and experiences
#3 being home to world-class scholars, teachers, artists and researchers
#4 nurturing our undergraduate students, among the most motivated and best-prepared in the nation;
#5 providing a training ground for top-tier graduate students and postdocs, who will be leaders in their fields
#6 attracting and retaining an enviable pool of dedicated, talented staff
#7 interacting with incomparable alumni and friends whose support is absolute
#8 contributing to the spirit of Ohio State’s Land Grant legacy
#9 making a real difference in the world
#10* combining Sonnets from the Portuguese and mathematics in one line

I invite you to count and share the ways you love the arts and sciences.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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