Going Where No Telescope Could Go Before: Ohio State Leads the Way

Space Image

Do you ever wonder what’s out there — in the vast universe? Why the universe is speeding up when it should be slowing down?

The launch of NASA’s Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) planned for the mid-2020s, designed to map both our galaxy and the distant universe 100 times faster than Hubble, will be our best chance yet to find those answers that could write a new story about the evolution of the universe and our life in it.

As the nation’s only university to have three researchers named leading members of WFIRST’s Science Investigation Teams, the work of Ohio State researchers will have major impact.

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My Valentine to the Arts and Sciences

Valentine candiesHow Do I Love Thee? Let me Count the Ways*
(and, there are many more than these)

I love:
#1 knowing that, together, art + humanities + science drives the future and powers the world
#2 offering our students an affordable, comprehensive, personalized education and exceptional opportunities and experiences
#3 being home to world-class scholars, teachers, artists and researchers
#4 nurturing our undergraduate students, among the most motivated and best-prepared in the nation;
#5 providing a training ground for top-tier graduate students and postdocs, who will be leaders in their fields
#6 attracting and retaining an enviable pool of dedicated, talented staff
#7 interacting with incomparable alumni and friends whose support is absolute
#8 contributing to the spirit of Ohio State’s Land Grant legacy
#9 making a real difference in the world
#10* combining Sonnets from the Portuguese and mathematics in one line

I invite you to count and share the ways you love the arts and sciences.
Happy Valentine’s Day.